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How exactly does personal protection see whether you may be handicapped?

How exactly does personal protection see whether you may be handicapped?

You could be wondering how exactly does societal Security determine if I am disabled or something societal Security’s test for impairment?

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These pages will highlight how Social Security determines if you are impaired for SSDI or SSI. Social protection’s definition of impairment for folks obtaining Public safety handicap or SSI is similar. This is the incapacity to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA) by reasons of every medically determinable actual or mental disability which may be anticipated to produce dying or which has lasted or can be expected to continue for a continuous amount of for around one year.

Personal Security’s 5 step process to determine disability

The first step: public protection should determine if you’re operating.

This year, if the earnings average above $980a thirty days societal Security will think about you working at considerable Gainful task (SGA) amount and often they pick your perhaps not disabled. If you should be self-employed this may become considerably more complicated.

Next step: Have you got a condition which Social Security views “serious.”

Public Security will consider your impairment(s) serious if for example the impairment inhibits basic efforts associated task. As long as they see your condition perhaps not “serious,” might find you perhaps not disabled.

Third step: societal Security will determine whether your problem are a “listed” disability.

If for example the situation is on personal Security’s record and severe sufficient to meet the criteria of an indexed impairment, you’ll end up found disabled.

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